Portfolio Management

Since inception, we have financed vessels operating in most major segments of merchant shipping and offshore support, partnering with owners based in most major shipping hubs, allowing them the flexibility to optimise and grow their fleets.

Our portfolio consists of a balanced mix of mortgage loans and finance leases, while the underlying vessel and revenue quality provides asset- and cashflow-backing, protecting the shipowner’s equity and our investors’ capital.

Breakdown by segment

(by no. of vessels)

  • Drybulk
  • Product
  • Container
  • Chemical
  • LPG
  • OSV
  • MPP
  • Cement
  • Crude
  • PCTC

Breakdown by geography

(by no. of vessels)

  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia (excl. Middle East)
  • Americas
  • Africa

Breakdown by transaction

(by no. of vessels)

  • Finance Lease
  • Mortgage Loan

*Chart data at 10 July 2024